Monday, November 4, 2013


Synergy- the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. 

My ways are quite odd, I'm a creative person, I can picture something and its my little wonderland, I get over excited about it but I express it in a way not many people will understand.  Even my Father and my superior who pretty much knows me sometimes doesn't get me and that gap is getting bigger and bigger.  Sometimes I just need someone to pull me down into reality.  My team is good at this, I can go on a rant, explain this thing in my mind with great difficulty to them as I think in English and I have to express my ideas in Chinese.  They get me most of the time and then they summarise it for me, it works well as I get grounded but they don't do it in the way to restrict my creativeness, they let me go on and on n on, fireworks go off left right and centre in my mind and they just simply get me.  We brainstorm a lot its a great feeling, so many minds working for the same aim coming to a conclusion which is best for all of us.   I am telling you this as we were trying to finalise our logo for the restaurant, sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth, but if there's synergy in a team which is well balanced, this will not be an issue.  I was also talking to another friend of mine today, yes I have a huge workload at the moment, since is first two ventures I'm being more hands on, I do get exhausted and it shows.  Also I'm paying my team but theoretically there isn't much for them to do but to have brainstorming sessions with me and help me put together a hand book.  I do delegate to them, they do help me vastly as I ask them for their opinions a lot though I do get the last say, without them I'd be lost.  They are a great support team and we just mesh well together. 

Another conversation came up today, I tend to just go to our team meetings in jeans and a t-shirt, its fine its casual, but when I meet someone who can potentially be affiliated with my business I tend to get out of my jeans and into something more casual smart, with a twist.  I look young, I'm not that young, I guess I'm young for what I'm doing, sometimes I don't feel like I can go and meet someone for the first time in just whatever, second and third time if we mesh well- then why not?  This whole perspective thing always makes me think, I have a few tattoos, most of them hidden, they have never been an issue cause i can cover all of them mostly with clothes.  Now I'm an expressive person, as I mentioned above it kind of goes hand in hand with being creative, I got this a new pair of tattoos this weekend, they are on my shoulders, slightly harder to hide when you're in a hot and humid country like Hong Kong and you've been brought up in London, in a slightly cooler climate.  Now my tattoos aren't offensive or anything, before I never really wanted them to be on show, mainly cause I didn't know if I would be in an corporate environment or not, another reason is that every time I get one done, it has a meaning behind it which is somewhat personal to me, I have to be pretty comfortable with people for them to be able to see them and also know the meaning behind them.  Before writing this blog I was pretty closed book, I'd only tell if you ask, I'm still pretty much like that, don't get me wrong I am very opinionated.  Back to the point my pair of tattoos are now, nearly always on show, I shouldn't be bothered about judgement really as nowadays theres isn't that old fashioned stigma behind them, but in Hong Kong, there are still people who have different opinions about them.  Usually people think oh you've got a tattoo! thats so cool! well, I'm not going to get anything random done on me there will always be a story behind it, they never seem to ask about it, they usually ask- did it hurt? I'm not bothered about that either but it amuses me.

I'm going to leave on a note that loyalty means so much to me and I will share with you the love of my life, he's forever loyal to me and I am forever loyal to him.  We also have synergy, just because we make each others world just a little bit better when we are together- I don't actually know if that makes sense.

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