Monday, October 28, 2013

Whatever you don't do someone else will do it....

I remember someone telling me- in a relationship if you don't do it then some lady down the street will. I'm not going into 'romantic' relationship issues on this blog, but I will apply this to general day to day things- whatever you don't do someone else will do it.  People say- Oh I will do this, I will do that.  I promise you this I promise you that.  I don't think these words should be thrown around willy nilly, why say that you'd do something when you don't do it?  I always think before I'd say I'd do something for someone- can I actually do it?  If not I rather say- I'd do my best and go out and do my best.  I always try my best, I always push myself to do so.  I don't think people  know that if you don't do as you say then you are letting someone down, after a few times no one will ask you to help- now everyone likes to be needed  Also, if you don't do something someone else will, you may miss an opportunity you may or may not get in the future...  Where did this all come from?  My team, we have to work together, I have three managers who help me make decisions... its very one, two, three done.  There are always people of your team which is the weaker link, to me its the ones who go- yep yep I'll get that done then.... yup nothing or its half arsed done.

So besides that I also don't like people abusing the word 'Sorry',  I only say sorry when I genuinely know that I will not do that action again.  This word means alot, again it shouldn't be thrown around left right and centre.  I've had it said to me way too many times, I sometimes sit and wonder why say sorry the first time when you'e just going to do it again and say sorry the second and maybe third.  Why not go with precaution better than cure?  I'm not saying i'm perfect and I don't make mistakes, but when I do make a mistake and or I do let someone down, I own up to it, I recognise what I've done wrong and make sure I improve on myself and not do it again.

The ball is rolling for project 1, well it has been rolling for a while, but slowed down recently. I've got a new logo for project 1 and new business cards.  All will be revealed soon- I'm so excited!

The count down to one of the most important people in my life arriving in Hong Kong has begun. I cannot wait!

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