Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don't you worry about a thing... Simple things make me smile.

This morning I was saying to someone that there are blurred lines between work and my private life, does it bother me? I guess it does in a way when I get stressed out and boy do I get stressed out, but on the other hand I know I was made for this industry.  I'm in my element when I'm in my restaurant, I'm on high alert, I know when and what my customer wants before they voice it, cause of my high attention to detail, my weird memory allows me to remember what all my frequent customer's eating habits and habits are and I'm so built to please.

There are blurred lines in a lot of things in life, private and work, again it stresses me out but you know what it doesn't matter, we have to move on from this flight or fight mentality which has been built within us and learn to just adapt.  I stress out, it feels like everything around me is all tumbling down and I'm in a tornado of mess, afterwards I'm like what the hell was that all about? When I have something to do I always get it done, the results are always better than expected, then what was all the mergh stuff before all about? I will never know I guess that's how I do things, though I must admit the feeling of achievement is amazing.  When people ask me- Are you ok? I'm always ok cause I just deal with it, I need to thank or curse the person who imposed that mentality into me.

Simple things make me smile everyday, I'm a pretty positive person, it helps me deal with things.  Little things- this morning I felt great cause apparently what I write is enjoyable (to some), a total stranger held the lift for me and smiled at me- I smiled back, a good morning text, one of my team goes to me 'Hey you have such a huge workload' - some recognition of what I'm doing.  The call from my Grandma asking me if I was with my Mum for no reason even though I was on the phone with her 5 minutes before.  The one thing which always makes me smile is when I'm driving and a great song comes on (my playlist is always on shuffle).  Today was Stevie Wonder- Don't you worry 'bout a thing, yes yes I listen to oldies.  I felt great instantly, I've been dancing around my flat, totally cuckoo the whole evening.

I was talking to my team today about our frequent customers, some of them are so so picky, but hey we accommodate so happily.  Mr.  Ladies man from my team told my manager for my coffee shop- there's this one customer, she doesn't eat this certain ingredient and its used in our char siew cheurng fun, so every time she orders it, he goes especially to our roast department and gets them to chop up some fresh char siew and then he takes it to our dim sum department who rolls the cheurng fun for her, so that ingredient isn't used.  She doesn't know in reality that because of that one little habit she has it causes him to do so much, he's more than happy to do that cause its simple she's happy and it makes him happy.  No physical reward is needed just knowing our customer is happy makes us happy. I understand why my team is so good with ahem yea well yea simple things- pull a chair out, others before you, when serving a girl a drink make sure there's a straw, if you're not serving a girl and her drink doesn't have a straw- get her one! Anyways we're weird like that- they spoil me with their attention to detail and I spoil others with mine... I'll leave that for some other day...

I currently feel like I've taken 100 happy pills (which I haven't) so I'm going to go carry on dancing around my flat like an idiot. Till tomorrow!

Let me leave you with my happy song of the day!

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