Monday, October 14, 2013

Weird and wonderful memory

I have a weird memory, I remember a lot of events and just things in general which doesn't have anything to do with school work.  I can remember whole conversations, emotions and things like that.  Its a good attribute to have in my industry, but it can be annoying for me in a day to day way.  There's no filter, I remember the good and the bad, also with the emotions that come with the memories. One minor thing can trigger me to think of a memory and all the emotions come rushing back, sometimes its hard to deal with.

Today my memory served me well, I met up with two friends for dinner and it brought back good memories.  Its always good to catch up with old friends, when it doesn't feel awkward and it just feels the same as it did way back when.  Its the same with the relationships I have with my customers, before moving back to Hong Kong I'd only be here twice a year, the feeling you get seeing old customers still come back time after time is a great feeling- you must be doing something right.  Also with my staff, I have a member of my team who was working for the restaurant for ages, since I was 14, he left a few years back and he is now joining my team.  I saw him for the first time in ages a few weeks back and its still as though he's part of my little family.  Its a good feeling.

Off topic here but me and my friend was having drinks last night and the couple behind us were taking soooo many pictures.  There's nothing wrong with people taking pictures of themselves, I do it, I'm sure everyone does.  So anyways this girl was taking pictures of herself and the guy was using his phone to spotlight her and she was making every face she could- duck face, smiley face, sad face, the list goes on.... We were just thinking... why doesn't the guy just take the picture for her with flash?!?!!? then the guy and the girl tried taking a picture together but they were sitting on opposite sides of the table.... I have no tact I was saying to my friend, why don't they just sit next to each other? It'll be so much easier! so me and my friend tried to take pictures of both of us whilst sitting opposite each other... it just does not work! But i got a picture of me taking a selfie, with the girl trying to take a selfie and the boy spotlighting her in the background.  It was my achievement of the night.

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