Friday, October 11, 2013

Mutual respect and Vodka shots!

It was our last meeting together as a full team before our senior goes to Shanghai.  One of my team members messaged me in the group chat saying they would be late.  I jokingly messaged back- girlfriend?  He said- yes something happened last night now I need to sort it out.  Half of my team went out last night to the wee hours of the morning- which isn't my problem as long as they are productive at work.  Now... it was around 4pm our meeting started at 1pm, this team member still had not turned up, I called him and left a message telling him to call me back.  He eventually called me back at 5pm, I asked him where he was and if he was going to come to the meeting- if so forget it the meeting was going to end in an hour. But what ever problems you have with your girlfriend is no problem of ours, keep your work life separate from your private life.  When my restaurant opens, what is he going to do when his girlfriend is upset with him? Not come into work? I don't think so.  I've had problems with other team member's girlfriends calling me at silly o'clock in the morning asking if their boyfriend is with me and if so tell them to call them.  Firstly, I'm not here to baby sit my team, I lead the team I don't mother them.  Secondly, if they think that there is something going on between us then darling I don't every eat where I crap.  Thirdly, its seriously its not my problem. In my opinion you have to priorities things,  if I had another half I would understand their family comes first and I also understand work is also another priority, I expect that in return.  But I have encountered people lying about work and family situations, thats just stepping over the line and that is unacceptable, well lying is in general, don't take for granted someone who trusts you.

I'm pretty new at this leading my own team to set up my own restaurants shebang, one thing I've admired about my Father is that he treats his employees as family, there's a lot of mutual respect.  I hold this belief as well, I will respect my team members as long as they respect me and the rest of my team. If anyone looks into one of our meetings they'll probably think- that's not a meeting, thats just a group of cuckoo people brainstorming, its actually just that but we get things done. I'm not one of those people who power trips, I also try to meet everyone halfway.  I dislike arguing, there's no point, I dislike being angry, the only one you're really going to bother is yourself.  I've always been told I'm doubly stubborn being a Taurus in western horoscopes and a tiger in Chinese horoscopes, yes I am stubborn I hold onto my beliefs with my head held high.  Saying that I do step down, I listen to the other person's opinion and give me some time to process and I will meet you halfway willingly.  Though if someone disrespects me or people that I hold close to my heart thats a whole different matter.  As long as my team does what is required for the day then when the day ends we can go out, eat, drink and just have fun together, with no ranking or anything, then is the time when we are friends.  I can't actually use the term after work its our 'Love you lots vodka shots' time cause the rest of my team either prefer whiskey or beer- well that just means more vodka for me and I'm so not complaining about that!

I've decided on a graphic designer, which is exciting stuff cause this is one of the fun parts in my opinion- so I get to do my happy dance!  Actually I've had this itch since yesterday to salsa, so salsa is going to be my happy dance of the day.

Happy Friday everyone, lets have a drink! ok its Saturday now... but whatever its all the same to me!

 I kinda know where I get this drinking thing from... I learn from the best!

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