Saturday, October 12, 2013

Take a breath and take a step back. Its either going to go away or I'll get used to it.

Today's been a day of figuring things out.  When approaching a problem I go at it head on at first tackling it from every angle and usually I get somewhere but I don't come to a conclusion.  It doesn't matter what kind of problem it is work related or personal, the best way for me to deal with it is after battling head on is to take a breath and take a step back, clear your mind and the conclusion is usually there.  Sometimes I find we over think things, things are usually really simple we just over complicate things by thinking about what ifs and such things.  One 'what if' situation that comes up a lot is in regards to my restaurant not being able to remain in its original location, my father and I at first continuously tried to find out the reason why we couldn't renew our lease, so around a hundred 'what if' scenarios emerged.  It started to do my head in, I took a step back and thought Hey why am I fussing about the past, which I can't change?  All these 'what if' situations are good at the end of the day cause then in the future we can take them and improve ourselves and learn.  Things usually don't pan out the way you wanted or expected just because it just wasn't meant to be, if it was meant to be it would be.  I don't like wasting time or stressing myself out by trying to figure something out, which was beyond my control.

I'm also don't like complaining about things or people who complain about something again and again.  Its monotonous.  If you have something to complain about ok voice it once, then sort it out make it to your liking, if you can't do anything about it then shush accept it.  If there's something that I don't think is up to my satisfaction I'm not going to sit there and waste my time saying this and that, I will get up and make it to my liking so I will be satisfied with it, again if its beyond my control I let it go.  Its either going to go away or I'll get used to it.

One complaint I hear about the most is- I'm not satisfied with where I'm at in my life....  Do something about it then don't just sit there and say it do something about it.  I am always trying to progress myself and push myself to my limits, not for anyone else but for myself. Forward thinking and drive is a very attractive trait in my opinion, so if someone does say to me I'm not satisfied with where I am at in life and they actually get up and do something about it then I'd applaud them and support them in any way I can.  I took on a huge amount of work this year, I've had a lot of support from people, but I remember someone saying to me- 'what are you doing? why are you taking on two huge projects so early on? You're just going to break down, its not going to work out, you don't have time to do it.  Also, no one's going to take you seriously, they are going to treat you like you're a little girl.  But if you need help in anyway let me know' Firstly, who are you to judge what my abilities are as a person?  The only one who can judge is myself cause I'm in control of how I deal with situations which I put upon myself.  Secondly, yes I know I will break down at times with the workload, but I will always get back up cause I know the end result will be worth every sleepless night, every panic, everything.  Thirdly, why would i even ask for your help now?  Why would I let anyone who doubts me play the hero to catch me when I fall?  I don't need negativity in my life, no one does, I always turn a negative into a positive, I'm glad this person said what they said to me cause I know that they no longer need to be present in my life,  I shouldn't let someone feed me with negativity that leads to me doubting myself.  What ever doesn't kill me makes me stronger, I'm not going to let anyone get in the way of me getting to my goal.  If I get thrown into deep water, I will swim my way up to the surface,  I have to believe in myself before expecting any one else to believe in me.

Fingers crossed, there might be a new person joining my team!

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